1. Read blogs.

2. Buy an overpriced book and read it. Or sit at your gate, slowly ripping pages out while staring at random people.

3. Ask people to carry your bag onto the plane for you, then say “Just kidding.”

4. Carry a Koran around. Ask people to carry your Koran onto the plane for you.

5. Clean out your computer. Install Linux. Thank me later.

6. Freak out the security guards with your electronic cigarette.

7. Re-enact the scene from “The Terminal” where he makes ketchup and mustard sandwiches with crackers.

8. Go through security, then exit and go through again. And again. See what happens.

9. Super glue a quarter to the floor. Watch as hilarity ensues.

10. Stand in front of the window and watch planes land. Tense up right before they land and turn away with your fingers in your ears. Express visible disappointment when it lands without incident. See what happens.