“Trashy Cup”

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posted by Jim Ellis

It bothers me a little bit, to know that Styrofoam cups will not decompose in my lifetime.

It also bothers me that others and myself are so willing to use them.What is wrong with a good ol’ fashioned mug?

Put one in your bag. When you go to the coffee shop, use it. When you go to church, use it. When you go to work, use it.

Is polluting God’s creation with trash that doesn’t decompose, worth it?


Find a Different Mode of Transportation

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posted by: Jim Ellis

I’ve been riding my old-school Fuji road-bike to work. I live 6.6 miles from my work, or at least that is what google says, and the trek takes about 30 minutes.

The benefits far outweigh the hassles.

I save money. Less use of a motor vehicle means less money spent on gas.

The exercise is great. I don’t have to spend money for a membership to a fitness club. I get my exercise riding to and from work.

It is better for the environment. I still use my car, but not as much.

The thing I like the most is I travel by things at a slower pace. I notice things I didn’t notice when traveling in my car. For example how big and beautiful the trees are, or how there are a lot of pot holes.

I do have to be more attentive, because people in vehicles aren’t attentive and don’t always enjoy bicyclists on the road. They always seem to be in a big hurry. I was almost hit a couple days ago by a vehicle who ran a stop sign.

Iowa winters are cold, and people think you can’t ride your road-bike in cold/snowy weather. I just put snow tires on my road-bike, and plan on riding during the winter too.

I encourage all people to think of different ways to travel. Like walking, biking, public transportation, roller blades, a moped, a skateboard, etc. You might discover it isn’t as efficient as a vehicle, but the joy linked to traveling in a different way fills the soul.

-Jim Ellis, 25-