A quick word about Listia.com

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My wife and I have been getting into Listia.com lately. It’s an auction website for ‘free’ stuff – they use ‘credits’ and you bid to win random free items.

So far I’ve gotten a few books, a door alarm, some antique stamps, a vial of gold flake and a few other random items. Kind of interesting.

When you sign up, they start you off with 50 credits but occasionally will give you 100-500 free ones. Just the luck of the draw, I guess. You can purchase credits 100 for $10 – but that’s a ridiculous ripoff.

The only items really worth bidding on if you’re wanting to not spend any cash are the ones marked “Free Shipping.”

The easiest way to get credits on Listia is to buy an Amazon.com $5 or $10 gift card. These will go for anywhere from 800-2000 credits and won’t cost you anything to ship (E-giftcard, ya just email them the code)

It’s a fun diversion, you can end up with some really esoteric stuff – and it’s always a pleasure to get stuff in the mail. If you sign up at the following link we both get 50 extra free credits. Just sayin. http://www.listia.com/?r=54028


Coffeemaker Abuse

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My day is beginning with an experiment. My coffeemaker is happily gurgling away in the kitchen – sure, it’s an innocuous enough statement – but the thing is filled with organic fair-trade dark coffee mixed with Starbucks fine-ground espresso roast. Beyond the obvious ethical and moral value-clash playing out deep in the dark recesses of my coffeemaker, I’m flat-out curious about the waking-up properties of the darkly evil brew.

The olfactory properties of said brew are certainly pleasing, but I won’t know until I pour it into my blue enamel camp mug and carry said mug with my recently acquired copy of "Backpacker" magazine out to my porch – at which point I shall kick back and enjoy the morning sunshine with my questionable coffee and bitchin’ magazine.

Good day, all.