I recently picked up a pair of choice angus top sirloin steaks from Hy-Vee – nothing special, but looked decent. As Sioux City is still in the grip of winter, outdoor grilling really isn’t a possibility. I’ve been experimenting these last few weeks with…wait for it . . .

cooking steaks inside.

I know, blasphemy, right?

Tonight I tried a new method. I wanted that seared, almost charred quality that comes from grilling a steak over charcoal. I can’t get a skillet hot enough with this little dorm stovetop, so I came up with the following.

1. Take your steaks out of the fridge at least an hour before you want to start cooking.

2. Cover them in kosher or sea salt. Literally cover them. You don’t want to see any red. This may seem counterintuitive, but trust me on this. You may want to add a little seasoning at this point.

3. Let ‘em sit for at least half an hour or so, covered. Leave them on the counter. Don’t put them in the fridge.

4. Rinse, pat very dry. Completely dry. You don’t want any moisture left on those steaks.

5. Take your skillet out of the oven. By now it should be stupid hot. This is a good thing.

6. Toss the steaks on the skillet, turning after the first side is seared to your liking. If you’re cooking more than one steak, be sure they aren’t crowding each other.

7. Lower your oven temp to around 425 degrees, put the skillet in the stove.

8. Let ‘em sit in there for awhile, check ‘em every now and then. Usually will only take 2-5 mins depending on how thick your steaks are and how well done you prefer.

9. Brush them with a little butter, a bit of Worcestershire sauce and serve.

Not as good as grilled, but it’ll get you through the cold winter months.