posted by Andy

A wise man once told me a story about a man and his house. His house was full of demons, so he set about cleaning the house and removing the demons from his house. After being banished, however, the demons gathered their friends and returned to the house tenfold in number, finding the house cleaned and empty.

The moral here is this. If you’re going to remove something from your life, replace it with something else. Don’t leave your house/life/body empty and inviting.


Go to your kitchen/local dollar store/Wal-Mart. Find/buy a cheap timer. Set said timer each time you flip your laptop open, pull your BlackBerry from your pocket or turn your TV on.

Throughout the day, write down how much time was spent jacked into the matrix that day. 2 points deducted if you keep track of your time with your BlackBerry

Set a goal for yourself to reduce that amount. Choose your own amount, but I suggest cutting it in half.

Replace time in front of a screen with something positive – call your grandmother, get some friends together at a coffeehouse, lose yourself in a forest.

What will you replace screen time with?