It’s been an interesting year. Summer found me managing a US Cellular store in Central City – the quitting of said job was made easier when I found out they wanted me to continue working 60 hours a week with no overtime pay.

So after putting in my application to WIT in Sioux City, IA and being accepted, we decided we’d move out of Stromsburg. We’re moving into the family housing apartments on the WIT campus and we’re super stoked.

We’ve been here in Sioux City for a little over a month and I’m (in a weird way) glad we’re staying. Our plan to move to Lincoln fizzled which bums me out a bit on account of not living in Lincoln this winter. I had high hopes of having some new-city-fun, but old-hometown-fun is just as fun. Especially since Sioux City has a Buffalo Wild Wings and Long Home coffeehouse.

Anyway, we move in next week. Sorry to all the friendships I’ve neglected while I’ve been in the city thus far – we’ve been so beyond super busy it’s been tough to kick back with friends.

Xander is growing VERY quickly – we’re continuously amazed at how fast he’s growing up. He hit two months today and he’s doing VERY well. I love that kid.